AJN steel bridges the gap in Canary Wharf

At the end of last year (2021), AJN Steelstock supplied two Universal Beams – each weighing just over 12 tonnes and measuring 25 metres long – to architectural metal workers, Alloy Fabweld Ltd in Essex.

At the time, these behemoths were the largest structural sections that AJN had ever supplied and would to be used to form a pedestrian bridge in London.

With a number of additional structural sections, a range of flat bars, angles and plates, and some impressive fabrication work, 24 tonnes of steel became 46 tonnes of engineering excellence when the completed bridge was delivered and installed on site in May.

Spanning the Middle Dock in Canary Wharf, London, this fully modular heavyweight features a number of plate sections – also supplied by AJN – which were used as part of SPS Technology’s unique ‘Sandwich Plate System’ to form the bridge’s walkway.

A big thank you to Alloy Fabweld Ltd for allowing us to track and follow the progress of this project. We’re delighted to have played a part in this impressive feat of engineering.

England call on AJN squash sensation for World Championships

Following a string of successful matches over the past few months – including a Quarter Final placing at the European U19 Championships in April, AJN sponsored, Emma Bartley, has been selected to represent England at the Junior World Championships.

Currently ranked fourth in the UK, 17-year-old Emma is amongst 10 upcoming English stars called to represent their country at the sport’s most prestigious junior competition, which is set to take place in Nancy, France in August.

One of the youngest members of the Professional Squash Association (PSA), Emma, who was crowned Under 19 Champion at the Essex Junior Open at the end of February, has seen her world ranking climb 97 places over the past two years – up from 261 in 2020 to 164 in the world.

England national coach, David Campion, said: “The World Junior Championships is the premier world event for any aspiring junior player and it’s great to see these championships back on again after a tough couple of years.

“The girls are a strong group that are currently making in-roads on the PSA World Tour with some impressive wins against much higher ranked players. They are a talented bunch who will be difficult to beat and we are very much looking forward to seeing how they progress at these highly prestigious championships.”

Emma’s on court success on the PSA circuit over the past couple of years has also led to a scholarship at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where she will compete for the Drexel Dragons in September whilst studying for a sports business degree.

AJN supports the development of new Cystic Fibrosis medicines

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an incurable life-limiting, genetic condition affecting over 10,000 people in the UK. The condition causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, which can cause serious and difficult to treat infections.

Over the last 50 years antibiotics have contributed to increases in how long people with CF live for.

In 1970 the average survival for children born with cystic fibrosis was below 20 years old. For a child born with CF today, the average predicted age of survival is 50.

Access to effective antimicrobial drugs has made a significant contribution to people with CF living longer. However, CF lung infections are becoming increasingly hard to treat as the bugs that cause them are becoming resistant to the antimicrobial drugs available.

Many of the existing antibiotics now don’t work as well due to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and new antimicrobial medicines, such as antibiotics, are urgently needed.

Generously supported by AJN Steelstock, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust is funding world-leading research at the University of Cambridge to develop new medicines that beat AMR and better treat CF infections.

The aim of a new antibiotic is to prevent bacteria from growing and surviving. The medicines work by obstructing a chemical reaction in bacteria. The more accurately a medicine obstructs the reaction (fits), the better a medicine it is likely to be.

Researchers at the UK CF Innovation Hub at the University of Cambridge are successfully using a pioneering technique called fragment-based drug design (FBDD) to design new medicines to treat CF lung infections. FBDD is like having a bespoke pair of shoes made, rather than trying on every shoe from every shop looking for a well-fitting pair.

New, more effective antimicrobial medicines are urgently needed for a range of other medical conditions. In addition to AJN Steelstock supporting research that could lead to longer fuller lives for people with cystic fibrosis, this research could benefit many more people with other conditions around the world.

Steel stockholder brings forward pay rises to ease cost of living crisis

AJN Steelstock Limited, one of the UK’s largest steel stockholders, has brought forward its annual inflationary pay review programme to help its staff cope with the growing impact of the cost of living crisis.

Usually carried out in July, AJN has moved its inflationary pay review and is awarding a 10% salary increase to its 415 employees, effective from 1st May 2022.

Courtney Bell, AJN Steelstock’s Finance Director, comments, “Our staff are the heartbeat of the company and our success is, in no small part, down to each and every one of them.

“We are all aware of the rising cost of energy, petrol and food, and as inflation continues to rise we want to offer some practical support to help with these escalating costs.”

With steel processing sites in Kentford, Suffolk and Henstridge, Somerset, AJN Steelstock supplies structural steel to the UK construction industry and is recognised as one of Britain’s leading mid-market private companies.

In 2021, the company was identified as one of London Stock Exchange Groups ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ (for the third consecutive year), and recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK with a listing in the Sunday Times PwC Top Track 250 league table.

“We have an amazing team at AJN”, adds Courtney. “Everyone plays their part and with their constant willingness to adapt to the changes imposed on us we’re fully committed to looking after them in any way we can.”

“We carry out an annual performance and salary review as part of our employee support package but we felt the cost of living crisis that everyone is contending with was significant enough to do a little bit more during this time of need.”

AJN Steelstock appoints new board member

AJN Steelstock Limited, one of the UK’s leading steel stockholders, which has processing sites in Newmarket, Suffolk and Henstridge, Somerset, has announced the appointment of Lee Olson as Purchasing Director with immediate effect.

With over 22 years’ experience within the steel industry, Lee, who joined AJN Steelstock in 2007, will add further depth and knowledge to its operating board and will help drive the business forward as it continues with its rapid growth and expansion plans.

As a member of the board, Lee, whose previous roles include UK Sales Agent for ArcelorMittal, will be responsible for maintaining strategic relationships with steel manufacturers and developing business strategies to enhance the supply chain management process for the benefit of AJN’s customers and partners.

Courtney Bell, AJN Steelstock’s Finance Director, comments, “I’m delighted to welcome Lee to the operating board. His in-depth knowledge and experience within the industry, coupled with his strong relationships with the mills, will prove invaluable as we continue to grow and expand the business.

“The company continues to go from strength to strength and Lee will be a great addition to the leadership team as we enter another period of exciting times within the company.”

Employing over 400 people across its Newmarket and Henstridge sites, AJN Steelstock has seen its sales and turnover increase year-on-year for the last 16 years.

In addition to its comprehensive range of steel products, AJN Steelstock also provides full in-house processing and finishing services including saw cutting, drilling, shot-blasting and painting, and laser and high def plasma profiling.

Construction of new HQ motors on with 1,200 tonnes of AJN steel

Just over 1,200 tonnes of AJN steel will be used in the construction of the new Parvalux Electric Motors UK headquarters in Poole, Dorset.

Working with structural steel and industrial cladding specialists, Jade-Aden Services, around 1,000 tonnes of beams, columns, structural hollow sections and plates, have already been supplied for the construction of the first three phases of this mammoth project.

Parvalux Electric Motors is a member of Swiss motor manufacturer, Maxon Group, and manufactures and sells small electric motors and gearboxes. In 2021, it tasked Jade-Aden Services with the development of its new eco-friendly UK headquarters.

Working in partnership with Lionel Gregory architects, concept designs were created which will allow Parvalux to amalgamate three of its existing production sites into one location and house more than 200 members of staff.

(Artist’s impression of Parvalux Motors UK headquarters at Cabolt Lane in Poole)

Due for completion and hand over in April 2023, the 160,000sq ft state-of-the-art, carbon neutral facility, will feature one of the largest photo voltaic arrays to be put onto a single building in the South of England. When complete, the system will generate all of the electricity required to heat and light the whole building.

Grahame Gibson, Managing Director, at Jade-Aden Services, said: “It’s been a pleasure working with AJN on this project and the support and advice at pre-order stage was of great help. All orders have been placed and processed without issue and with the quality of service we’ve come to expect and trust. More importantly, all of the steel has been delivered on time, which has been crucial to the smooth flow of fabrication and construction.”

(Click the icons below to see build progress to date)





Laos wildlife sanctuary builds new enclosure thanks to AJN Steelstock

Following the successful construction of Bear House 6 in 2021, work is well underway on the development of a new enclosure at Free the Bears’ Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary in Laos, thanks to the ongoing support from AJN Steelstock.

Due for completion at the end of April, ‘Bear House 7’ – a safe and secure 6,000 square metre area set into a thickly forested hillside – will be home to around 12 rescued Moon and Sun Bears.

In addition to two separate and protected forest enclosures with caves, pools and climbing towers, which offer the bears a natural and safe environment to thrive, Bear House 7 will also feature a number of purpose-built dens, denning beds, platforms to relax on and automated water drinkers.

Matt Hunt, CEO of Free the Bears, comments, “We’re incredibly grateful for the ongoing support from AJN Steelstock. The funding of Bear House 6 in 2021 was an incredibly generous donation that enabled us to give rescued bears the quality of life they rightly deserve.

“To replicate that again with the development of Bear House 7 is simply amazing. We cannot thank AJN enough for its support and ongoing interest in our work. Having a new enclosure like Bear House 7 gives us the opportunity to rehabilitate more rescued bears and show our government partners that we have the resources and facilities to continue to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and help bring an end to bear bile farming in Laos.”

Free the Bears is a not-for-profit charity that helps rescue and rehabilitate Moon Bears and Sun Bears that have been illegally poached from the wild and held in captivity, or milked for their bile which is highly prized in traditional Asian medicine.

With wildlife sanctuaries in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, Free the Bears has rescued hundreds of bears from a life of misery and aims to raise awareness of the cruel conditions of bear bile farms and raise funds to aid their rescue and rehabilitation.

Thanks to the ongoing support of AJN Steelstock, the construction of Bear House 7 will enable the charity to help meet the demand for safe sanctuary for rescued bears in the region.

AJN sponsored event raises over £50k for NHS support charities

A charity fundraising event, sponsored by AJN, has raised over £50,000 for two charities supporting the mental health and wellbeing of UK healthcare professionals.

Led by event founder, Gary Pittaway, a team of six intrepid fundraisers faced the risks of avalanches, the hazards of glacier crossings, freezing temperatures and altitude sickness, as they tackled the mountain tops of the Swiss Alps.

Over the course of five days the ‘Z to V’ team took on the famous ‘Patrouille des Glaciers’ alpine hike route – widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest alpine ski routes – in a bid to acknowledge our healthcare professionals and say thank you for everything they have done during the Covid pandemic.

The final count still needs to be completed but well over £50,000 has been raised, which will be split evenly between Doctors in Distress and the Intensive Care Society.

As lead sponsor, AJN was delighted to be part of this event and on behalf of the team, we’d like to thank everyone for their support and donations.

New arrivals take AJN fleet to 70 vehicles…

The arrival of two brand new 26 tonne Renault D Wide rigids earlier this month has taken the AJN fleet to 70 delivery vehicles.

The new additions will allow us to keep pace with continued business growth and demand, and ensure we can continue to deliver the steel our customers need, when and where they need it.

In addition to the latest telematics and DVS equipment, the two new Renaults come with enhanced safety features including an additional lower door window for an improved view of the nearside blind spot.

Two, custom built, low loading semi-trailers have also joined the fleet. The state-of-the-art flat beds feature a SAF air suspension system with a unique driver operated ‘raise and lower’ capability, as well as two rear mounted pull-out ladders, for safer, easier and more efficient loading and securing.

AJN supports Barretts of Aspley with Grand Union project

Over 87 tonnes of AJN steel is currently being used by structural steelwork, architectural metalwork and balcony specialists, Barretts of Aspley, for the fabrication and construction of the balconies in Block D of London’s Grand Union project.

Located in Alperton, close to Wembley, Grand Union is set to create a vibrant new canalside neighbourhood and will feature 11 acres of landscape gardens, riverside meadows and waterside pathways.

Barretts of Aspley will install 362 balconies as part of Phase 1 of the project, many of which are designed using a tie rod system and features a range of flat bars, angles, channels, beams and structural hollow sections from AJN.