Size matters

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise numbers and get your head around them. For example, can you imagine what a million marbles look like? Or what half a million in £5.00 notes looks like?

These are numbers that we use every day without stopping to think about what the figures actually mean.

Here’s another, what does 11 acres look like? Unless you are a farmer you are unlikely to know.  However, if you had your own drone and hovered over our Kentford site you would see what 11 acres looks like.

OK, now you can relate 11 acres to something you are familiar with, how about 17 acres? That’s the size of our Henstridge site. It’s big, very big.

If we could drop the Kentford site onto the Henstridge site, there would be six acres left over.

And what does six acres look like. Well, it’s about four football pitches. Like we said Henstridge is big, very big.