HR Advisor, Danielle

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AJN Steelstock - one of the largest steel stockholding companies in the UK


One of AJN’s HR Advisors and mental health first aiders

Q. What does your role involve?

As one of AJN’s HR Advisors I help the HR department with employee relation and performance management issues. I help advise the Company and employees on best practice with the aim of creating a positive, efficient and productive environment.

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Q. How long have you worked at AJN and why did you choose to work here?

I have been here just over four months which has flown! I wanted to be part of a growing company that takes pride in developing and growing its teams.

My role will focus on the learning and development of employees at AJN, which I find is a great opportunity to add value and make a difference to staff.

Q. What do you best like about your job?

We have such a diverse workforce at AJN which makes the job really interesting. No day is the same.

Q. You recently completed a workplace Mental Health First Aid course, what did that involve and what has it given you?

It was a two-day course that I took part in virtually. Everyone in HR and HS&E will be going on the course. The instructor went through various subjects and we openly talked through our experiences and learnt the best way to help someone who is struggling with their mental health. We covered all sorts of topics such as mental ill health language, depression, anxiety, suicide, psychosis etc.

Becoming a Mental Health First Aider has given me the knowledge and understanding of what to listen and look out for with employees who might be struggling. I now feel confident in being able to approach and help someone if they’re struggling. Importantly, I can also direct them to professional help if necessary. Personally, I’m really keen on raising awareness of mental health and helping to break the stigma that surrounds it. It’s OK not to be OK.

Q. Do you think a course like this will help you in your role and day-to-day activities?

Yes, absolutely. Every day in engaging with colleagues I’m now listening out for any potential signs that someone maybe struggling and need help. Sometimes employees will come and speak to me, but other times someone may need to be asked ‘are you OK?’

I feel better equipped to support employees on a day-to-day basis and help guide them to professional help if needed.

Q. The steel construction industry, typically, can be seen as a male dominant sector, do you feel that’s the case at AJN?

I feel AJN is a proud example of females working in steel and construction industry. Whilst we do have more male employees, the company has seen a 62% increase in women employees since 2017 and they all play a big part of the success of AJN.

Q. What did you do before life at AJN?

I have been in HR for the last four and bit years and have worked in a variety of sectors, including start-up technology, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing.

Q. What do you do in your spare time – any hobbies or interests?

I enjoy going to the gym and working out three to four times a week. I have a cockerpoo called Millie who keeps me entertained and I enjoy taking her for walks with my partner in the countryside.

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