Most of our business involves processing at some stage.

In fact, it is where most investment has been made at AJN during the last ten years. The latest machinery and technology has been matched with experienced and trained personel to deal with any work.

We recognise many customers rely on these facilities for the various benefits they give.

  • Cost control
  • Short delivery times
  • Access to latest equipment and technology
  • Storage/space solutions
  • Smooth production flow
  • Reduced capital and labour expenditure

We process orders from start to finish – on site – giving us greater control of service and accuracy of work.

Twenty one saws of varying sizes and degrees of automation give us the capacity to cut thousands of items across the full range of sizes and sections every day; either square or mitred. Our combination ‘drill/saw’ lines provide three more structural saws if required. This allows us to offer:

  • Competitive Processing
  • Accurate Cutting
  • Bar Marking
  • Shorter Lead Times

Whether its multiple batch work, one offs or large structural sections and bars, we have an excellent reputation for cutting, painting and drilling material accurately and quickly.

Our sites in Suffolk and Somerset both have large scale capacity shot-blasting and painting lines to cope with the increased demand and expansion of our processing business. Material can be painted up to 2000mm wide in either red or grey primer. Our state-of-the-art automated transfer beds link to saws and other equipment to reduce handling times.

High quality water-based paints are used as part of our commitment to minimise our impact on the environment.

We have a high level of flexibility in the range of products that we can process from either site. Holes can be conventionally drilled in diameters from 10mm up to 36mm.

We can provide holes using our three-axis drills with sawing capacities, fittings lines and a plasma/drill line to cover the full range of structural sections, angles and flats in most applications. Slotted, countersunk and tapped holes are possible on many items; particularly fittings.

Machinery and facilities are always being updated, so please check should you require something which falls outside of the above.

Currently we handle mild steel components up to 12000mm x 2500mm in size and weighing up to 9000kg in weight.

Our high definition plasmas mean that we can cut diameters which are on a 1:1 ratio with material thickness up to and including 25mm. Material can be plasma cut up to 80mm and conventional gas to 200mm thick respectively. A milling attachment can create slots and countersunk or tap holes. Parts are scribed in either process for easy identification.

Both systems utilise interactive and automatic software nesting capableĀ of importing dwg, dxf, NC1 and StruCad Cam files.