Claydon Yield-o-meter

Showcase: Claydon Yield-o-meter


Steel supplied:

West Suffolk

50 tonnes

Just over 50 tonnes of AJN steel is being used in the construction of a new, 1,296sq m, clear-span building for Claydon Yield-o-meter in West Suffolk.

Over 1,185 steel sections – comprising of a range of universal beams, columns, channels, angles, plates and circular hollow sections – are being used by the 40-year-old company to meet an exponential increase in orders.

As a European market leader in direct strip seeding technology, Claydon has seen demand for its products grow ten-fold since 2010. With many markets still at an embryonic stage and its distribution network growing rapidly the company expects sales to grow exponentially during 2023, despite the undoubted challenges.

Jeff Clayon in front of a Claydon Yield-o-meter seed driller
A Claydon Yield-o-meter seed driller being used attached to a tractor.

Supported by a £267,400 Growing Business Fund Grant from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP), the completion of a new purpose-built building at the site in Wickhambrook will more than double production capacity and create numerous additional jobs.

An arable farmer, Claydon CEO, Jeff Claydon, founded the company in 1981 to manufacture the Claydon Yield-o-Meter, the first device to provide an accurate ‘real-time’ reading of crop yields on a display in the cab of a combine harvester

“The company is growing rapidly and massively”, comments Jeff.  “A highly skilled team is in place but additional production capacity is needed to manufacture our products to fulfil demand from markets all over the world, including the UK where sales have doubled.

“Unlike many other companies in the UK farm machinery sector, which import machinery made overseas, we design, test and manufacture all our products from scratch, employ local staff and benefit the UK businesses which supply us.”

Claydon’s focus is now recruiting those additional staff to fill the range of vacancies available at its Wickhambrook factory. With the requirement for staff in the assembly and yard area alone set to triple in 2023, the company is looking to fill rewarding opportunities across all sectors of its business, from design, procurement and sales positions to welding, painting, fabrication, and assembly roles.

We’re delighted to have played a part in this impressive project.

The Claydon Yield-O-Meter project, using 50 Tonnes of steel supplied by AJN Steelstock.