Dojima Sake Brewery, Cambridgeshire

It might seem, at first glance, a little incongruous to site a sake brewery, something so quintessentially Japanese, deep in the English countryside, but so long as you are using the finest ingredients, exceptional rice and the purest of pure water – coupled with the age old skills of a sake  brewing master – why not?

Nestled in the grounds of a 13th Century Gilbertine priory in Fordham Abbey, Cambridgeshire, the Dojima Sake Brewery features a structural steel frame with cold rolled metsec purlins and rails. The building, which includes 550 ‘cut to length’ members of our hot rolled steel, encompasses unique vented turrets and features a glazed front gable window, framed in cold rolled sections to spell the Japanese word for ‘sake’.

It’s a stunning building, home to an authentic working sake brewery and quite rightly received the ‘Overall Winner’ and ‘Winner’ of the Commercial Category in the 2019 RIDBA Building Awards. Kanpai (Cheers!)