Grand Designs

Showcase: Grand Designs


Steel supplied:


Structural beams and columns

AJN Steelstock was proud to have been involved in another house build that featured on the Channel 4 programme “Grand Designs”. AJN supplied fabrication specialists with structural steel to complete the house build at Padstow.

Although AJN was not involved at the beginning of the project, we came to the rescue when it became apparent that the previous suppliers couldn’t supply adequate volume of material, nor at the standard required for a build of this nature.

The structural frame of a building made with AJN processed steel for Grand Designs
The completed building for Grand Designs, made with AJN steel showing on the outside

The extraordinary building was designed with an ‘American Modernist’ feel, inspired by the 80s teen comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The build proved challenging but was worthwhile as the finished house looks incredible! Fortunately, unlike the movie, no Ferraris were damaged in the process!

You can watch the episode here scroll down to – Padstow, Cornwall, 2018.