Harlow Charity Foodbank

Showcase: Harlow Charity Foodbank


Steel supplied:


60 structural beams, 130 profiled plates

Vital community work carried out by the Harlow Foodbank was given a welcome boost in 2021.

Run by the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust, the Harlow Foodbank helps individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food and provisions to those in need. Since its opening in April 2009, over 950,000 meals have been provided to around 45,000 people.

In need of crucial repairs to its warehouse in Harlow, over 60 structural beams were donated to replace the existing purlins and form a new platform for the storage centre’s mezzanine floor.

Shot-blasted, primed and painted, the beams were supplied, along with 130 profiled plates, direct to site for fabrication and installation.

Another angle of the steel for the Harlow Food Bank sitting inside
AJN steel being unloaded by a forklift before it's used in construction at the Harlow Food Bank
The steel donated for the Harlow Food Bank sitting inside the building ready to be used
The Harlow Charity Foodbank being reinforced with donated AJN steel
The Harlow Charity Foodbank logo