Lidl Supermarket

Showcase: Lidl Supermarket


Steel supplied:



22 meter long beams and columns

MJ Patch Structures

Working with MJ Patch Structures, AJN Steelstock supplied and delivered a number of 22mtr long beams and columns for the construction of a new Lidl supermarket in Swansea.

Utilising AJN’s extendable trailer the long load was delivered on time and to budget.

An MJ Patch spokesman was delighted with the working relationship commenting “we recently engaged AJN to supply structural steel members for a new build project in south Wales. The frame consisted of extra-long rafters with AJN managing their procurement, scheduling and delivery in-line with our tight fabrication and erection programme.

“They condensed lead-in periods, co-ordinated logistics and allowed us to deliver an excellent project on time and to budget”.

Lidl Supermarket - Swansea
Lidl Supermarket - Swansea