Lords Cricket Ground

Showcase: Lords Cricket Ground


Steel supplied:


150 tonnes

In 2021 AJN completed the supply of around 150 tonnes of steel to leading structural steelwork and balcony specialists for the redevelopment and construction of the Edrich and Compton Stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The majority of the steel, comprising a range of flat bars, circular hollow sections and angles, was used for the bulk of the balustrades, handrails and staircases at the new three-tier stands.

A view from the walkway's balcony looking towards London and the rest of the stadium, steel supplied by AJN Steelstock

The redevelopment – which offers an additional 2,600 seats and increases the Ground’s capacity to 31,600 – is the Club’s largest to date and is an integral part of the Marylebone Cricket Club’s (MCC) Masterplan to revitalise ‘The Home of Cricket’.

The new stands feature a connecting walkway overlooking the Nursery Ground and include two premium hospitality restaurants, 12 food and drink units and wheelchair enclosures and amenity seating on all levels.

A view of the side of the walkway at Lords Cricket ground that AJN supplied the steel for
A view from the walkway at Lords Cricket Ground which AJN Steelstock supplied the steel for
A view from the ground looking at a walkway and staircase that AJN Steelstock supplied the steel for
A view from the ground looking up at the walkway beneath the stadium that AJN supplied steel for the construction of
A view from a balcony across Lords Cricket Ground in London