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Barretts of Aspley

The Royal Wharf is a substantial mixed development in London, constructed in three phases and covering a 40-acre site in the east of the city. It includes a four-acre park and a riverside promenade, a leisure centre, a school and entertainment and shopping facilities.

All-in-all, the development will include 3,385 residential units and 10,000 square metres of retail and commercial space. The estimated number of occupants of the development, once completed, is around 10,000.

Royal Wharf - London - AJN Steelstock
Royal Wharf - London - AJN Steelstock

The scheme is now entering its third phase and in partnership with Barretts of Aspley AJN steel is being used to manufacture the balconies.

As the pictures show, there are quite a few of them and we are proud that our steel is part of this exciting new development which is being described as a ‘new town within London.