Warehouse and Distribution Centre

Showcase: Warehouse and Distribution Centre


Steel supplied:

Diss, Norfolk

422 tonnes

If you’ve ever wondered what 4.8km of our steel might look like, then here’s a great example.

A whopping 648 steel sections, weighing in at just over 422 tonnes and covering 4,800 metres, were processed and supplied by AJN for the construction of a new 70,000sq ft storage facility for the Bartrum Group in Diss.

Due for completion by the end of Q2 2023, the new warehouse and distribution centre, which features a two-storey office block and a large canopy at the front, comprises a mix of universal beams and columns, channels and angles, flat bars, plates and circular hollow sections, and is being built in response to strong demand for warehousing in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The Steel frame of the Bartrum Group's Warehouse and Distribution centre in Diss.
The Bartrum Group's warehouse and distribution centre when under construction.
A video showcasing the construction process of the Bartrum Group's warehouse and distribution centre.
The Bartrum Group's warehouse and distribution centre whilst under construction.
A view of the completed warehouse and distribution centre being used by the Bartrum Group.