If you watched Channel 4s ’Grand Designs’ last Wednesday (13th October 2021) you would have seen what was openly regarded as an ‘architectural marvel’ – a flood-resistant, cantilevered property built on top of a central column.

What you might not know, however, is that the property was built using just over 100 tonnes of AJN steel.

Working in partnership with STP Ltd, around 560 steel sections were cut, drilled and primed at our site in Kentford and supplied to STP for fabrication. The incredibly complex construction then took place on the floodplains of the Blackwater Estuary in Essex.

Completed earlier this year, the luxurious ‘floating’ property, has been built to withstand extreme flooding. The ground floor central column was poured with waterproof concrete to protect the property’s power supply and drainage, and even if completely submerged, the living spaces above will continue to function as normal.

The programme is well worth a look to see how all of this was achieved. Click here and select ‘East Essex 2021’ to view.


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