At the end of last year (2021), AJN Steelstock supplied two Universal Beams – each weighing just over 12 tonnes and measuring 25 metres long – to architectural metal workers, Alloy Fabweld Ltd in Essex.

At the time, these behemoths were the largest structural sections that AJN had ever supplied and would to be used to form a pedestrian bridge in London.

With a number of additional structural sections, a range of flat bars, angles and plates, and some impressive fabrication work, 24 tonnes of steel became 46 tonnes of engineering excellence when the completed bridge was delivered and installed on site in May.

Spanning the Middle Dock in Canary Wharf, London, this fully modular heavyweight features a number of plate sections – also supplied by AJN – which were used as part of SPS Technology’s unique ‘Sandwich Plate System’ to form the bridge’s walkway.

A big thank you to Alloy Fabweld Ltd for allowing us to track and follow the progress of this project. We’re delighted to have played a part in this impressive feat of engineering.

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