AJN Steelstock is delighted to be supporting Formula Gravity Ltd’s ‘Sapheria Project’ – the design and build of a hybrid electric and jet turbine powered car.

Working with West Suffolk College STEM centre and a number of specialist industry professionals, the Sapheria Project aims to promote science, technology, engineering and maths learning in an exciting and engaging way by building the first jet turbine powered racer.

Set to be driven by Don Wales, grandson of world speed record holder, Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE, the ‘Sapheria’ – a 10ft long, three wheeled racer – will be used to demonstrate British engineering excellence and emphasise sustainable systems.

Powered by a jet turbine and an electric engine, ‘Sapheria’ has been built on the successful Formula Gravity spaceframe and running gear, and with involvement from students and young people from the start, shows various examples of motorsport vehicle building techniques.

Established in 2002, Formula Gravity Ltd, is a non-profit making, engineering educational provider, that aims to inspire students and teachers in the fields of engineering and motorsport.

The company has raced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and acted as consulting engineers for the Guy Martin Guinness World Land Speed Record, which was achieved. In 2008 it set the first World Land Speed Record for gravity racers at Eastbourne, and achieved the fastest time ever at the Mumbai Red Bull event.

An application to demonstrate the ‘Sapheria’ at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed has been submitted and the vehicle will eventually take up residence in a museum for educational courses and promotion.

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