Following recent announcements regarding the temporary closure of British Steel’s order books – and in anticipation of further steel price increases – we want to reassure our loyal and regular customers that it’s very much business as usual with high stock levels and orders continuing to be processed as normal.

We understand that there may be concerns from customers born out of rumour and speculation so it’s important to remember that the decision British Steel has made is due to unprecedented demand.

Production hasn’t ceased, supply of its steel is continuing, orders are being fulfilled and the closure of its order books is a temporary measure, whilst it re-evaluates the raw material costs that have increased, once again.

Despite what the headlines say, the important thing is not to panic. Although the adjustments British Steel is making will no doubt effect the cost of steel, it should not impact the flow of material.

Here at AJN, we have plenty of steel available at our two stockyards and at our supplementary holding facility, as well as having large quantities of steel awaiting collection at various UK ports.

Our stock levels are good, orders remain at unprecedented levels and we are well positioned to service orders now and well into the future.

The Directors

AJN Steelstock Ltd

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