Laser treatment

Only the best is good enough for us. Which is why we’ve just invested around £1.25 million in two Bystronic ByStar Fibre laser machines – one for our Kentford site and one for Henstridge.

The machines offer ‘best-in-class’ performance and reflect our ongoing commitment of making the necessary investments in man, machine and materials to enable us to continue meeting customer demand.

Each high-speed laser cutter delivers 6Kw of laser cutting power allowing large batches to be cut in record time. The cutting area is easily accessible, which is a huge advantage because it means that urgent jobs can be inserted in the middle of scheduled, high-volume runs.

We see the £1.25 million very much as an investment both in the present and the future. Both machines will be working hard on current and future orders and we can only see demand for their high-speed performance growing in the future.

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