AJN Henstridge – one year on

As Henstridge celebrated its first anniversary at the end of 2016, everything is on an upward trajectory at AJN’s Somerset base. Henstridge’s General Manager, Andrew Jeffery, explains more.

“It’s been a very busy first twelve months at Henstridge. Getting a new site up and running is always a challenge but I’m extremely proud both of the way the team has driven things forward and of where we are today.

From a standing start, we now employ 135 people and we’re looking to recruit another 30 or so in the next 12 months. Of our team, 25 are in the office, we have 22 drivers and the remainder are spread across the site.

We now have three shifts. The day and evening shifts are completely operational and the night shift is gradually gearing up to full capacity as we recruit both operators and managers with sufficient experience.

Alongside our expanding workforce, we’ve also invested heavily in equipment. Our second drilling line is now in place and we’ll shortly have three new saws in situ.

And the results of all this investment in staff and equipment have been impressive. Our daily tonnage has gone from zero to 300 tonnes in the space of a year and it’s a figure that keeps on rising.

One of the reasons we’ve made such good progress is that we were able to draw on top drawer talent from the start. With the site having previously been owned by Newton Steel Stock, many of its former employees still lived in the area and provided a solid and experienced foundation to our team.

And it’s not just the in house staff who are local. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to give much of the site regeneration work to contractors who live and have businesses in the area.

Recruitment has slowed down slightly after the initial surge, partly because we want to ensure we employ people with the right experience, who are going to buy in to the AJN way of doing things, and be a good member of the group.

Our location has also helped. Being on the Dorset/Somerset border gives us access to the South West, Wales, the South coast and up in to the Midlands. Between us and Kentford we now cover much of the southern half of the UK.

For the future? Well, it’s more of the same, please! We’ll continue to recruit and increase our daily tonnage, whilst offering the same top level of customer service for which AJN is rightly respected.

Roll on our second anniversary!

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