Curtain raiser – going the extra mile at AJN

Customer service is one of those well-worn, largely empty phrases that companies like to trot out when they want to look and feel good. Ironically, it’s most often used when the quality and commitment to customer service has been called into question.

Very few companies can point to real life instances where customer service lies at the heart of what they do. Well, AJN can.

There are situations where our customers need our steel, on site, in pristine condition and not showing any of the effects of weather impact. So, in order to guarantee that steel will arrive in perfect condition, we have invested in two 40 ft curtain trailers – one for Henstridge and one for Kentford.

The new additions to our ever-growing fleet of delivery vehicles will keep our steel under wraps and protected from the elements from the time it leaves our yards until it is of loaded on site.

Customer service…it’s what we do.

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