A group of seven male Moon Bears are in seventh heaven and enjoying safe sanctuary thanks to not-for-profit charity, Free the Bears and the ongoing support from AJN Steelstock.

Bertie, Ollie, Cookie, Rupert, Bernie, Dum and Pistol Pete were rescued as cubs and have gone through a life enriching rehabilitation programme at Free the Bears’ Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary in Laos.

Having spent the early part of their rehabilitation at the sanctuary’s Cub and Stage 2 Nurseries before moving into a 2,000 square metre enclosure, the group has just moved into ‘Bear House 7’ – a 6,000 square metre enclosure funded by AJN and set within the thickly forested mountainside.

In addition to two separate and protected forest enclosures with caves, pools and climbing towers, which offer the bears a natural and safe environment to thrive, Bear House 7 also features a number of purpose-built dens, denning beds, platforms to relax on and automated water drinkers.

After spending the weekend settling in their new dens – and meeting their new neighbours – the boys were keen to explore and experience their natural forest habitat – for the very first time.


With wildlife sanctuaries in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, Free the Bears has rescued hundreds of Moon Bears and Sun Bears that have been illegally poached from the wild and held in captivity, or milked for their bile which is highly prized in traditional Asian medicine.

For more information about the charity, or to support the work it does, visit: www.freethebears.org

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